New Blimburn EP. Out Today.

HiFi Beats for Existing To is out today.

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Hifi Beats for Existing To – Hybrid Mixing.

So earlier this year I deleted all my modelling plugins and went hardware shopping. The whole modelled saturation thing was feeling tired and I missed the good old days of plugging hardware together and using real equipment. Hifi Beats is the first thing I’ve fully mixed with the new setup and I’m pleased with the results. Whether anyone can hear the difference is a matter of personal opinion but for me at least, It made me enjoy mixing again. I feel less like a computer operator and more like a mix engineer, and although it takes longer to patch up and set up compared to plugins – the mix came together so much easier that it didn’t really slow things down. I tracked all the instruments through the hardware as I went along which meant the final mix was mostly done by the time I got to it, in much the same way we used to in ye olden days of tape.

I can do this for your music too. Send me your softsynths, samplers, drum machines, DI’d home recordings and usb mic tracks – I’ll turn it into some nice tracking that’s a joy to mix. And by the way, I can also remove that awful plasterboard living room reverb that you thought you were stuck with. I will save you!